img Free Video Cutter A simple video cutter software for PC!

Free Video Cutter is a freeware that gives you the opportunity to cut and splice videos into different segments. This program is very minimal but it handles its duties quite well. There is nothing overly complicated about how it works and it will splice all different video formats. The formats include MOV, WMV, MP3, and FLV. To get it working, load up the program and a video that you want and choose a section that you want to cut. This program instills the use of markers to drag across to different frames of the video, this makes it easy to cut the exact time that you want.

If you are precise with your cuts, it will take a bit longer to load and import in a separate file. Although it is slower, its the most accurate choice when it comes to splicing. One thing to take note on is that you will hear no audio playback while you perform your cutting. When you are done making edits, the video will still play with the audio in tune, just not in the Free Video Cutter program itself. If you set the video to MP3 format, the sound can be converted which is slightly confusing.

If you're looking for a fast and accurate program to cut videos into different pieces, this is the best basic video splicer out there. It has simple controls and an eye pleasing interface to work with. The option that lets you convert sound to an MP3 is great for taking out enjoyable music from video, which is another upside. The only downsides to this small program is that there is no sound and it might seem a bit too basic for an expert filmmaker.


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